Learn coding using Google Sheets and Apps Script

I am going to teach you to code using Google Sheets and Apps Script. I’m not going to teach you every single coding concept but I'll teach you enough to build simple applications. Along the way, I will also teach you “the other things” that are important for building successful products.

I'm a product manager, teacher and a self-taught programmer. I started learning Apps Script a few years ago because I wanted to automate a few reports tasks that I was putting together manually at that time. Since then, I've built a fairly large number of "micro apps" using Apps Script and other G Suite products. These apps have helped me become more productive at work by automating manual tasks. Apps Script is my superpower and it can become yours too!

Why use Google Sheets to learn coding?

I consider spreadsheets to be the world’s most popular programming environment. I've used Microsoft Excel and more recently Google Sheets to solve a number of business problems. Millions of people have similarly solved their own problems using various spreadsheet software.

I picked Google Sheets specifically because lots of businesses and schools use it and anyone that has a Gmail account can begin using it for free. Google Sheets also comes with a coding platform called Apps Script that makes it super easy to build useful applications.


You’re familiar with the basic G Suite apps

I’m going to assume that you’re familiar with Google Sheets and Google Forms. If not, there are a number of tutorials on YouTube and on the web about these products.

You must have a G Suite account or a Gmail account

I’m using a G Suite account but everything should work fine even if you’re using a Gmail account. If you don’t have one of these accounts, you can create a Gmail account for FREE at https://www.google.com/gmail/.

Learn coding using Apps Script

I've written 9 articles (so far šŸ™‚) to help you learn basic coding concepts using Apps Script.

What is Apps Script?

Apps Script is a coding platform in G Suite that can be used to build simple applications on top of existing apps such as Sheets, Docs, Forms, etc.

Creating your first Apps Script

Learn how to create an Apps Script.

Custom functions for Google Sheets using Apps Script

Learn how to write a custom function for Google Sheets using Apps Script.

Values, types and operators in Apps Script

Values are the data used by your program. There are six types of values in Apps Script. Operators are used to perform operations on values.

Conditional logic in Apps Script

Learn how to use IF-ELSE statements in your Apps Script code to implement conditional logic.

Variables and constants in Apps Script

Variables are used to store values. Constants are just like variables except you cannot change their value after assignment.

Objects in Apps Script

Objects are used to organize the values in your Apps Script program that are related to one another.

Arrays in Apps Script

An array is a special type of object that is used to store a list of values. You will use arrays extensively while working with Google Sheets using Apps Script.

Loops in Apps Script

A loop is a piece of code that runs a set of statements multiple times. Each run is called an iteration. There are two common types of loops in Apps Script: For and While.

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