Google Sheets Tip: Show Formulas in Google Sheets

If you have lots of formulas in your Google Sheets spreadsheet, it can be very useful to see all the formulas in the spreadsheet at once.

To show formulas in a Google Sheets spreadsheet, select View —> Show formulas.

Screenshot of a Google Sheets spreadsheet that shows the View menu open and the Show formulas menu item selected.

All of the formulas in the spreadsheet will be displayed at once in the formulas view.

Screenshot of a Google Sheets spreadsheet where formulas are shown.

You can go back to seeing values by unselecting Show formulas from the View menu.

Screenshot of a Google Sheets spreadsheet where values are shown.

You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts to toggle between showing formulas and showing values.

  • On chromebooks or Windows: CTRL + ~

  • On Mac: ⌘ + ~

Here is a video that demonstrates how to show formulas in Google Sheets spreadsheet:

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